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About The Company

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Benjamin Gaspard brings over 17 years of experience in over 14 different states to the company. His experience includes planning and supervising the construction or rehabilitation of more than 140 units, including multi-million dollar projects. Benjamin has supervised teams of up to 50 workers, including carpenters, electricians, painters, demolition workers, mason, plumbers. We serve Sciota, PA, with such work as site surveys, building superintendents, modern museum work, etc.

Edward Cavaliere is the Construction Estimator for McFay Contracting Inc .Edward has extensive training and experience in architectural and engineering drawing, blueprint reading, site surveying, building measurements, and construction estimates. Edward’s experience includes the Modern Museum of Art, Bronx courtrooms, the George Washington Bridge , residential apartments, a junior high school, and a senior citizen center.

Fay Gaspard is the Office Manager for McFay Contracting Inc. Fay has training and experience in business management, including cost reporting, budget reports, and indicated out-come reports.

The staff at McFay Contracting Inc. is dedicated to providing a cost-efficient, quality product to their client .The company has many previous customers available as references to attest to the great quality of work they perform.

McFay Contracting

McFay Contracting Inc. is a progressive company specializing in residential and commercial construction. We serve Pennsylvania (PA), New Jersey (NJ) & New York (NY). McFay is committed to collaborating very closely with their customer to plan, design, and build the finest of construction projects.

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• Metal Work, Drywall
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• Carpentry, Architecture
• Renovations, Design
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